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By living in beautiful South Florida we have the advantage of looking at great views through our sliding glass doors. Unfortunately, our patio glass doors tend to go bad. A hard to open sliding door is a symptom of a problem therefore your doors will need some attention.

Here are some of the services we provide to make your sliding glass door as good as new:

Roller Replacement
When you are experiencing a difficulty in opening and closing your sliding glass door, the most common problem that occurs is bad rollers AKA sliding door wheels. A Lenny sliding glass door repair techs are trained professionals in repairs and replacement of sliding door wheels.

If you need your rollers replaced give us a call at 954-251-0268 and we will provide you with a same day service!

Track Repair and Replacement
Neglecting a bad roller problem on a sliding glass door may result in a damaged track. A damaged sliding door track will often give you the same symptoms as bad rollers which is a hard to open door. By not replacing the wheels on time, the scraping will damage the slider track. Although in many cases we are able to place a track cover and fix the problem, but if the patio door track is too damaged, a replacement is necessary.

Security Locks and Bars
A sliding glass door in a home is vulnerable to burglars therefore, securing your patio sliding door is essential. A Lenny sliding door technicians are able to secure your sliding door and maximize its security. Additionally, often times a malfunction of the factory lock may occur. Our sliding glass door repair will fix or replace the existing locks on your doors.

Leaking Doors
A water leak to your sliding glass door can cause a significant damage to your home.  If your sliding door is leaking, you will need a weather stripping replacement. A Lenny Locksmith sliding glass door service technicians will replace the seals with brand new once and prevent future leakage.

Whether your door is hard to open, damaged track, need extra security or leaky doors, A Lenny Sliding Glass Door Repair will solve your problem!



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