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Locksmith Jacksonville

Locksmith Jacksonville

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We are passionate when it comes to servicing our clients. Our local locksmith  Jacksonville service is

dedicated in building long term relationships with those who have locksmith requirements. Be it

for their homes, commercial establishments and other properties that need to be secured.

When you secure your property, you also protect your wealth. And this is what A Lenny

Locksmith Jacksonville provides – a peace of mind. Each local locksmith is an expert when it comes to fresh

installs of security systems. Gate or garage locks, door knobs, keyless entries, safes, jewelry

boxes, cctvs and alarm systems are just a few of security tools we can supply. Each local

locksmith is trained with up-to-date technology and practices so we can implement this same

knowledge and provide you the service your family deserves.

Aside from fresh installations, A Lenny Locksmith is also well experienced when it comes to lock

repairs and rekeys.


If the keys are damaged, rekeys lets you have a new set of keys so that you do not need to

replace your locks. However, if the keys are stolen or lost, the locksmith is likely to recommend

an entire lock set replacement.

If it is for vehicles with programmable keys, the car locksmith will ensure that a new key is

programmed and the security chip will no longer recognize the old keys. This ultimately saves

you from unnecessary expenses.


Car locksmith services also include ignition changes or lock repairs in cases of stuck keys. Each

local car locksmith travels with a toolshop to allow them to perform the necessary locksmith

service which is especially helpful when your on a roadside situation.

Contact our hotline 855-869-5625. Our staff is always on standby to receive your calls. During

emergency lockouts, we dispatch a local locksmith Jacksonville immediately. Expect service in less than 30

minutes from the time of your contact.



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