Locksmith in Boca Raton

Locksmith in Boca Raton


locksmith boca raton


A Lenny Locksmith carries top-grade brands of locks and security hardware for residential, commercial and vehicle purposes.

A local locksmith Boca Raton is always available for scheduled visits or emergency assistance. Each of our locksmith is certified to work on lock changes, locks repairs and re-keys, and car locksmith services.

With all the busy schedules we have and things that demands our attention, some of us are bound to lose or misplace their keys. Unfortunately, some locksmith services take this as an opportunity to take advantage. We’ve all heard nightmares of locksmith who initiated breaches of security for theft attempts. A Lenny Locksmith Boca Raton has a proven reputation of being trustworthy and deserving customers’ loyalty in many years of our servicing the community.

The local locksmith that will be assigned to simple lock jobs or big security system projects are guaranteed to share the same passion and dedication that A Lenny Locksmith is founded with.

Residential Services

We are proud installers of home security systems comprising of simple deadbolts to high-end monitoring systems. All the work we sign up for are all carefully evaluated guaranteeing that we meet the customer’s requirements in protecting the property. A local locksmith will provide a visual check of the premise and provide recommendations according to customer’s preference placing each lock set in strategic places of the home.

Car Locksmith Services

When it comes to your car, security is the primary importance especially with today’s rampant incidents of vehicle theft. When customers feel that the stock lock of the car is not secured enough, our car locksmith can work with you in upgrading your locks and alarms or even entirely replacing the system. A Lenny Locksmith Boca Raton also provides emergency road assistance at no additional fees.


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locksmith boca raton
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